InvestorQ : What is Flexi SIP? How to avail it?
Neha Samdani made post

What is Flexi SIP? How to avail it?

Tanya Mehta answered.
3 years ago
Flexi SIP is a concept where an investor is allowed to change the investment amount on a monthly basis. Investor who prefers to have more control over their investment can choose a Flexi SIP.
It is mostly preferred by investors who are closely watching the market and change the invested amount accordingly.
Otherwise, SIP with a fix amount is good if you have a long term view for your investment. Flexible SIP requires time to time investor's watch and money. Amount in flexible SIP varies every month.
How to start Flexi SIP? Specify a default amount for your SIP deduction. The investor is allowed to change the SIP amount for the month to the desired amount before 7 days of the SIP date. If you skip changing the SIP amount, the deduction will be continued with the default amount. There is no extra cost involved.