InvestorQ : What is Income Tax 2020 Calendar?
Sneha Balasubramanian made post

What is Income Tax 2020 Calendar?

Ira Shah answered.
2 years ago
The income tax department has recently issued its e-calendar for the year 2020. Highlighting all the important dates and deadlines for e-filing. On this, the department expert says that “we have done this to enrich the e-filing experience of our taxpayers and to make it easy for the tax-payers to file timely returns.”

This calendar contains details of various services being offered by the income-tax department. It also has all the important dates that a taxpayer has to keep in mind. This calendar also contains the deadline for the quarterly statement of TCS and TDS for the third quarter of FY20. This calendar also contains the deadline for payment of all installments of advance income-tax for AY2020-21. 

This calendar has a very easy to use interface, months are clearly mentioned in the calendar and one can skip to any month to see it’s important dates. Suppose, if you click on the January 2020, all the important deadlines related to that will be opened, which you can scroll. Also, with deadlines relevant sections are quoted in the calendar, clicking on which will re-direct you to the details of that section.