InvestorQ : what is mean by NSE in finance
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what is mean by NSE in finance

Riya Dwivedi answered.
2 years ago
NSE stands for National Stock Exchange of India Limited. It is the leading government-owned stock exchange of India, headquarters situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The stock exchange is owned by the Finance Ministry of the Government of India. 

It was formed in 1992 as the first dematerialized stock exchange in India. Earlier, trading took place in a very unorganized manner, so to bring transparency and a modern, fully automated screen-based trading system that could provide investors with better trading facilities, NSE was formed.

NSR offers trading and investment in various segments, such as:

  • Equity – Equity, Mutual Fund, IPOs, Indices, Exchange-traded funds, Security lending, and borrowing.
  • Derivatives – Currency derivatives, equity derivatives, interest rate futures, commodity derivatives, etc.
  • Debt – Corporate bonds.

NSE has reached new heights in technology over the last 20 years. When it was established, it was handling 2 orders per second, which has drastically increased to 1,60,000 orders every second. There is another stock exchange in India called Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), along with six others namely, Calcutta Stock Exchange Ltd, Metropolitan Stock Exchange of India Ltd, National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Ltd., Indian Commodity Exchange Limited, Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd, NSE IFSC Ltd.