InvestorQ : what is meant by a valid contract?
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what is meant by a valid contract?

leah Diaz answered.
3 years ago
Contract are considered as one of the important legal documents in every sector. in terms of stock market, contract are vital documents that stands like a legitimate date. Contract records the data of transactions with eases to the data of profit and loss. In stock market, contract holds critical and sensitive information of the transaction that adds its importance for an investor/trader to understand it properly.
Documents comprises all the above quality and can be roughly used for practical purpose is know as valid contract.
While you buy/sell (trade) you may come across a document called Contract Note. Contract Note is a legal record of transactions in the stock market. This record involves transaction made through a stockbroker. The broker provides Contract Note to the trader as a confirmation of the trade at the end of the day. You can also get in digitally signed electronic format.