InvestorQ : What is meant by branding strategy and how important is a branding strategy for start-ups in India?
ishika Banerjee made post

What is meant by branding strategy and how important is a branding strategy for start-ups in India?

Niti Shenoi answered.
1 year ago

It is not just enough to have a good idea and generate revenues. You need to distinguish with a brand and that is where branding becomes so important. Once the business is set up and fund raising is tied up, the next big step is to create an identity for your brand and that is what is called Branding. Your brand must have a narrative and must be able to tell a story about your company or business. What exactly does branding comprise of? Branding will include creating a Brand name that should be unique and will be displayed on each and every product you sell to create an image for your brand in the market. A logo will be a symbolic representation of your brand in the market. It can be in the form of Number, Text, Graphical symbol or a combination of any of these. You need to put considerable thought before finalizing on your brand and ideally take the help of brand experts.

An extension of branding is Trademark Registration which is a must for you to make sure nobody copies your business or the ideas in the future. It is all about protecting your intellectual property. Trademark ensures that your brand is unique and that it stays that way. It should be unique and your buyer should be able to distinguish between your trademark and the others in the market. Another important extension of your branding exercise is the website and email id, which is a narrative in itself. A website and Email ID will be required as well since nowadays everything is going online and you may lag behind your peers and competitors if in case you do not have one. It will help you in building an online presence as well as with the communication part. As per the law, an email ID is considered as a legal document and any promises or commitments given through an email is legally valid. This is one of the most important steps from a long term sustainability basis.