InvestorQ : What is meant by SDL and who issues these SDLs?
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What is meant by SDL and who issues these SDLs?

Dhwani Mehta answered.
3 years ago

State government securities (State Loans)

SDLs are issued by the respective state governments but the RBI coordinates the actual process of selling these securities. Each state is allowed to issue securities up to a certain limit each year. The planning commission in consultation with the respective state governments determines this limit. Generally, the coupon rates on state loans are marginally higher than those of GOI-Secs issued at the same time.

The procedure for selling of state loans, the auction process and allotment procedure is similar to that for GOI-Sec. State Loans also qualify for SLR status Interest payment and other modalities are similar to GOI-Secs. They are also issued in dematerialized form.

SGL Form State Government Securities are also issued in the physical form (in the form of Stock Certificate) and are transferable. No stamp duty is payable on transfer for State Loans as in the case of GOI-Secs. In general, State loans are much less liquid than GOI-Secs.