InvestorQ : what is multiple covalent bond
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what is multiple covalent bond

12 months ago
Bond is an instrument through which the government or any other organization borrows money from the general public. The amount so raised is then used in the operations of the entity. Bondholders buy these bonds from the organization and are paid interest on the amount so invested in bonds. Bonds are a debt instrument in nature. They are generally issued for a fixed time period, and the entire initial investment being repayable on maturity. There are several types of bonds available in the market, namely:

1.      Zero-Coupon Bond
2.      Municipal Bond
3.      Treasury Bond
4.      Corporate Bond

The Covalent bond is not used in the finance industry, but it is a common term in the field of science. I’m not sure as if there’s something named as Covalent bond exists under bonds or not.