InvestorQ : what is the best investment stock for long time? any bank?
roop Chand nagar made post

what is the best investment stock for long time? any bank?

Roshni Hegde answered.
4 years ago
It's good that you enquired about the best performing bank stocks before you start your investment. I find this platform very fruitfull to discuss and read more about the market. I would answer from basics and in a lucid way;

If you ask about the bank stocks I would recommend below three bank stocks:
SBI and

HDFC Bank is a stock has been outperforming in the market for many years.
HDFC bank stocks have never disappointed investors in any correction. Mostly, looking at its past performing charts the stock gives 1 or 2 opportunities to buy at lower levels. There is when you can buy. That will make it an investment with a better margin of safety.
The bank has a strong financial performance with a sound asset quality which makes it a perfect buy. Investing in the right time makes a good decision for your portfolio.
HDFC rose its net profit to Rs. 1907 crore in Q1 2019, with improved asset quality.

SBI in one of its reports has disclosed about its future plans like working on domestic loan book growth, lessening stress over asset formation, avoiding slippages, credit cost, and growth in return ratios. Apart from this, SBI is a public entity thus the risk factor is very less.
SBI in Q1 result reported 5% year-on-year (YoY) growth and net profit at Rs 372 crore.

Axis bank has disclosed its meeting of the Board of Directors on 20th July 2019. The meeting will be with the objective of exploring new resources of fund for the bank. The option for raising funds by equity shares/ depository receipts and/or any other instruments or securities will be closely studied.
With the improved growth in loan and net interest income, Axis bank gained nearly 150 % rise in the net profit for the April-June quarter for the fiscal year 2019-20 (Q1FY20).

My top recommendation will be for HDFC bank stocks for long term investment.