InvestorQ : what is the expected date for Patanjali IPO? made post

what is the expected date for Patanjali IPO?

Mahil Khan answered.
2 years ago
Baba Ramdev, co-founder of Patanjali may have plans to list Patanjali Ayurveda. In December 2018, while reporting to Press Trust of India, Yoga guru Baba Ramdev, hinted that his company may file for an IPO in a month's time. However, Baba Ramdev didn't state it clear about his plans of listing his flagship FMCG brand Patanjali on stock exchanges. He said that a ‘good news’ will be shared shortly.
He further added that India has a great scope for a manufacturing hub. To make this happen essential facilities at affordable rates marked for manufacturing industries must be provided. It may involve the problem of the crisis for which banks should come out to help them.
During a program Baba Ramdev said, Patanjali Ayurveda is aimed to be India's largest FMCG company. Patanjali Ayurveda targets to topple Hindustan Unilever (HUL) in terms of turnover by 2020 and become the world's largest FMCG brand by 2025.