InvestorQ : What is the future of algorithmic trading?
Diya Chitale made post

What is the future of algorithmic trading?

Nishita Gala answered.
1 year ago
In this age of super computers, algorithmic trading has gained a huge popularity from last decade. In the United States, around 70% of total trading volumes comes from algorithmic trading. In developing nations like India, it accounts for around 40% of trading volumes, not a bad number anyways! Retail traders tend to keep away from algorithmic trading considering it complex and out of reach. However, it’s not true at all.

Building an algorithmic trading system can be a simple task if one knows the fundamentals behind it. Currently Algo trading accounts for about 20–25% of the total trades done in India. In the future, you can expect the numbers to rise to about 50–60%. Algo trading is the future of trading.

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