InvestorQ : What is the kind of telecom sector exposure of the banking sector and how serious is the issue?
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What is the kind of telecom sector exposure of the banking sector and how serious is the issue?

Rashi Mehra answered.
1 year ago

To understand the telecom tangle, it is essential to understand the exposure of the banks to the telecom sector and as to why the telecom sector needs a resolution on the AGR issue on an urgent basis. Recently, the the RBI requested for a lenient approach to the telecom AGR dues, they were principally worried about the huge exposure that banks had to the telecom sector. With Supreme Court rejecting the curative petition to review the AGR order, it does look like the options for the telecom companies are limited. Why is it necessary to resolve the telecom tangle fast and how to go about it?

The answer is that the financial exposure is huge and this includes the exposure of domestic investors, global investors, fund based exposure of banks and non-fund based exposure rof banks. Just last week, Templeton wrote down its exposure to Vodafone Idea ahead of a downgrade by rating agencies. Overall exposure of the mutual fund industry to telecom sector is just about Rs.4,500 crore and that may be the smallest of the problems. But the real problem could be with bank loans. Banks have lent over Rs.300,000 crore to the telecom sector and nearly Rs.125,000 crore is owed by Vodafone Idea to the banks. With the current level of ARPUs and the huge burden of Rs.53,000 crore in the form of AGR dues, there is a very small chance that Vodafone Idea would be really able to survive beyond 2020.

Now, all that could mean very little can be recovered by banks as the government AGR charges would take precedence over any repayments to banks. Even if you consider the enterprise value of the combined business, there will be a big hole for the banks. With Birlas and Vodafone PLC ruling out fund infusion, the entire onus is on the banks. That is why it becomes urgent to resolve the issue of exposure to telecom sector by the banks on an urgent basis.