InvestorQ : What is the latest on COVID deaths in the Indian context?
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What is the latest on COVID deaths in the Indian context?

Anjana Aiyar answered.
2 years ago

India crossed the dubious distinction of becoming the second country in the world to cross 100,000 deaths due to COVID-19. On Friday the 01st of October, a total of over 1,121 deaths were registered even as recoveries continued to rise.

There is a major state-level skew in the data. Nearly 82% of new deaths were reported from just 10 States and UTs. The Union Health Ministry also confirmed that nearly 40% of the deaths reported were from the state of Maharashtra followed by Karnataka.

Donald Trump had recently told a crowd during his campaign that India concealed data on COVID deaths and hence it was hard to assess the situation in India. However, the Union Health Ministry maintained that Indian deaths at 70 per million are among the lowest.

The total number of COVID afflictions in India crossed 64 lakhs with over 80,000 afflictions being reported each day. The recoveries are picking up steam but experts feel it would still be some time before India can show anything concrete.

In terms of locations, Mumbai is the worst hit state in India follower by the states of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. India has a tough trade-off between spurring growth with more unlocking of business and has to also contain the spread.