InvestorQ : What is the market outlook for 1st February 2021?
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What is the market outlook for 1st February 2021?

1 year ago
Adroit Financial View on Budget in Brief
FM played bravely like Pujara; a Pant like execution needed
Allaying all fears, the finance minister presented a brave budget. She took all Covid-19 blows on the (fiscal) body and refused to yield to fiscal pressures. She prudently refused to indulge in allurements of raising resources through additional taxation. The Budget for FY22 is a continuation of various measures announced during 2020 to support the economy. The recognition of the need for a new economy (e-commerce workers, startups, e-learning, new education techniques, etc.) and willingness to let the control over even strategic CPSEs are signs of pragmatism. This is perhaps the only budget in independent India that does not propose to make any change in income tax rate structure.
It is now upon the administrative ministries, departments, and state governments responsible for executing the proposals. Like Rishabh Pant, who went to Australia with a poor record of recent execution, the performance of these executing organs of the government in the recent past has not been encouraging. It is to be hoped that the execution will improve materially in the next 15 months and the Indian economy shall emerge the winner.
The stock market celebrated the budget ebulliently. This is despite the warnings by RBI Governor and CEA (Economic Survey) that the stock market appears disconnected from the real economy.