InvestorQ : What is the maximum amount of business loan I can get?
Isha Tharwani made post

What is the maximum amount of business loan I can get?

Suresh Patil answered.
3 years ago

While there is no fixed amount, most banks and non-banking finance companies (NBFCs) give a maximum of Rs. 40 lakh as a business loan to a borrower.

The loan amount depends on business’ valuation, its annual profits, the industry within which the business operates as well as the number of years of operations.

Lenders are also liable to check the cash flows and other aspects of revenue generation. Once the lender has considered the applicable criteria, the business loan application is either accepted or denied.

However, the profitability of a business is among the main criteria of approving a business loan as it plays the key role in determining how the business will manage to repay the EMIs and various expenses related to the business.

Do ensure you check your loan eligibility from the lender of your choice before you apply so that you can check other alternatives in case you are not satisfied with the sanctioned loan amount.