InvestorQ : What is the new future plan that Tata Group has laid out?
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What is the new future plan that Tata Group has laid out?

12 months ago

The Tata Group has recently laid out grand plans to invest in digital, high-end electronics and healthcare. This initiative is being led by the Tata Sons chairman, N Chandrasekharan, himself and is intended to position the Tata group business mix more in favour of future growth areas. This is also likely to focus more on valuation driving pockets.

Some of the areas include ecommerce, digital enablers, energy with a green tilt and electric cars, which Tata Motors is already working on. The Tatas will also be placing big bets on electric vehicles, renewable energy and battery storage. In fact, the news of the tie up between Tesla and the Tata group, yet to be confirmed, will be along these lines.

According to Chandra, the post-pandemic world is likely to be impacted substantially by technology as an enabler. Currently, Tatas are in the midst of launching an umbrella app that will facilitate access to all its consumer businesses. Tatas are also creating an online B2B marketplace platform. Clearly, it will be the valuation potential of futuristic technologies that will drive the path ahead for the $100 billion Tata group.