InvestorQ : What is the procedure to withdraw money from my PPF account?
Neelam Naik made post

What is the procedure to withdraw money from my PPF account?

Juvina Maggie answered.
2 years ago
There are two ways through which you can withdraw money from your Provident Fund account:
Online Procedure:
  • You would be required to furnish the following information:
    • UAN Number: It is a unique Id attached to your Provident Fund Account which will be given to the employee by his employer. If one has not been allotted any UIN, he shall keep Aadhaar number and Provident Fund number handy to get the UAN number. One can visit the UAN portal to get UAN number allotted.
    • Aadhar Number: To make an online claim it is mandatory to link aadhar card number with the Provident Fund account.
    • Bank Account: It is mandatory to link bank account with EPF account so as to receive money at the time of withdrawal or maturity.
    • PAN Number: It is mandatory to quote PAN for transactions done before 5 years. However, for a transaction less than Rs. 50,000 any withdrawal after 5 years, PAN is not mandatory.
You have to furnish all the above-mentioned details and follow the understated procedure:
    Visit the EPFO website.
    The clock on “Online claims Member Transfer Account”
    Enter your UAN number, Password and the Captcha code displayed on the screen.
    Then click on the “Manage” tab.
    Then enter the necessary details.
    Then verify Aadhar Number using “OTP”
    Then click on “online services”
    Under the said tab, click “Claim”
    Fill out relevant details and authenticate with Aadhar and submit.
    For the offline procedure, you can get relevant forms from the EPFO office in your city/area, fill them and submit them at the same office.