InvestorQ : What is the regulatory dispute pertaining to Schneider Electric?
Debbie Mascarenhas made post

What is the regulatory dispute pertaining to Schneider Electric?

Arti Chavan answered.
4 months ago

This is a case that dates back about 3 years to 2017. SEBI had, at that point of time, given Schneider Electric a 6-months ultimatum to list on one of the national stock exchanges with board prices available on an all-India basis like the NSE or the BSE. Alternatively, Schneider was asked to provide an exit to shareholders under the delisting norms.

It is well known that Schneider Electric is a leading manufacturer and designer of standard enclosure systems. Also, the stock was earlier listed on the Bangalore Stock Exchange and the Pune Stock Exchange. All such regional exchange stocks had been given an option by SEBI to list on the major exchanges or to give an exit to its existing shareholders.

SEBI has noted that the company has not been in compliance of its provisions requiring such companies to either list or give exit. The company had attempted to delist by buying out the floating stock but the price was unattractive and the response inadequate. SEBI also instructed NSE to monitor the compliance of the company with the order; to either list or delist fully and give exit to shareholders within the 6 months time frame.