InvestorQ : What is the second vaccine from Russia for COVID-19 all about?
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What is the second vaccine from Russia for COVID-19 all about?

vidhya Laxmi answered.
2 years ago

Even as the world struggles with producing a vaccine for COVID-19, Russia has granted approval for the second vaccine. It may be recollected that Russia had originated the Sputnik vaccine for COVID-19, named after the first Russian spaceship to land in space.

Vladimir Putin announced that it had now granted approval for a second COVID-19 vaccine. This new vaccine has been developed by the Siberian Vector Institute and has already gone through early stage human trials and has apparently shown encouraging results.

Russia will push production of the first and the second vaccines and it will be counting on India as one of its key partners to produce in volumes. Russian government confirmed that nearly 400 high-risk patients had received the trial jab, with positive results.

Russia has recorded 1.34 million COVID-19 infections and is ranked just behind the United States, India and Brazil. Russia had sped through the approval process in the first vaccine and that had invited the ire of the medical community globally.