InvestorQ : What is the Supreme Court’s stand on the Farmer strike?
Sam Eswaran made post

What is the Supreme Court’s stand on the Farmer strike?

Moii Chavate answered.
2 years ago

The Supreme Court judgment on the Farm Bill issue will be out today and the only thing it needs to decide is whether there should be a committee to address the issues of the farmers and the government. Even ahead of the final judgment, the CJI hinted that any further postponement was not feasible when farmers were at the doorstep of Delhi.

However, the SC has been unhappy with the delay and it told the Attorney General representing the Indian government that it may be forced to put the Farm Bills on hold as any further postponement was not warranted. The Supreme Court is open to a decisive approach wherein the farmers are given the option to have an independent assessment.

With the farmer’s agitation going on unabated, the most likely way out is that the court may put the Farm Bills on hold till the committee studies all aspects and the pros and cons of the bill and gives its recommendations. The Supreme Court suggested that it had given a long time to the government and had also allowed them 8 rounds of talks with the farmers.

Outlining the nature of the expert committed, Justice Bobde suggested that the panel should have representation from the government and the farmers so that both points of view could be articulated and incorporated. The final SC order is expected on 12 Jan but it does look like there is no quick and easily resolution to the farm issue.