InvestorQ : What is the synergy between Reliance Retail and Gap Inc?
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What is the synergy between Reliance Retail and Gap Inc?

Aashna Tripathi answered.
1 month ago

Even as Reliance Retail has been trying to expand its distribution and retail franchise with the help of marquee brands, it has now taken a new tack. In the latest addition to its retail ensemble, Reliance Retail will become the face of Gap Inc in India, one of the leading fashion brands in the United States. Gap apparel will be sold through exclusive brand stores, multi-brand stores and digital platforms. RRVL will become the official retailer for Gap across all channels in India.

Gap is a global leader in casual lifestyle apparel brand and this attribute of Gap gels with Reliance Retail’s established expertise in handling omnichannel retail networks. For Gap Inc, this is the perfect platform to tap the selective and discerning Indian apparel market. Today, people are willing to spend more on established brands but the tricky game is to make presence felt in a crowded market. So, the regional expertise of Reliance Retail will add a lot of value to Gap, while the latter will help diversify its global market dependency.

Gap has a very strong digital market interface and also sells its products through company-operated stores and franchise retail locations across the world. Gap products, typically, span across generations and appeal to the unique fashion sensitivities of each segment with their bold themes. They are known to reflect the optimistic American way of life. Gap brand is synonymous with youthful shopping and caters to men, women and kids fashion. Reliance Retail Ventures contributes about a third of the market value of Reliance group.