InvestorQ : What is your message to young investors in the markets?
sanjana Tulsiani made post

What is your message to young investors in the markets?

Abhijit Chokshi answered.
3 years ago
 I would like to give them three mantras of the market. 
1. CONVICTION: Understanding the story is very crucial and to maintain the conviction one must read and have a disciplined approach. Most people spend more time buying a shirt rather than buying a stock. Borrowed conviction is a total blunder until you study yourself. Thus be an everyday learner. 
2. DISCIPLINE: One needs to inculcate discipline in terms of trailing stop loss, allocation, keeping cash and buying on dips, etc. Whether in life or in stock markets, I believe discipline pays over the long term. 
3. PATIENCE: A stock market is a place where a company’s real worth may take time to fully reflect in the price. Right temperament and patience are what we need to cultivate within ourselves to create sustainable wealth.  
Also, it is very important to stay grounded as in markets one can easily get carried away by unreasonable returns expectations. So stay rooted, read as much as you can and enjoy the process is what I would like to advise the newbies.