InvestorQ : What is your take on Petronet LNG as a stock at this juncture?
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What is your take on Petronet LNG as a stock at this juncture?

10 months ago

Petronet LNG Ltd is currently India’s biggest liquefied natural gas infrastructure company. It has grand plans to expand its footprint in India. Petronet LNG plans to set up 1,350 LNG dispensing stations across major national highways. Its focus will be a major boost for LNG infra on highways where LNG is largely unavailable for heavy vehicles.

In Phase 1, Petronet LNG will set up 50 stations on five major highways, which include Western Corridor and Southern Corridor by 2021. In Phase 2, Petronet LNG plans to set up around 300 LNG dispensing stations on all highways. In Phase 3 the company will set up 1000 stations. India has a total of 87 national highways which interconnect capitals.

Petronet also plans to tie up strategically with city gas distribution companies, oil marketing companies and other players with the sole intent of enhancing the usage of LNG in the automotive sector. This is more so for long haul trucks and interstate buses. Government is keen to shift to LNG as it is cheaper and also more environment-friendly compared to oil.

Government is trying hard to promote LNG as an alternative fuel for heavy vehicles. This saves on the oil bill wherein over 80% of the oil is imported into the country. Government is willing to support the setting up of LNG stations across the golden quadrilateral highway network that connects the top metropolitan cities in India.