InvestorQ : What is your take on the latest IIP numbers announced by the government on 12 March?
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What is your take on the latest IIP numbers announced by the government on 12 March?

vidhya Laxmi answered.
1 year ago

Here are some of the major highlights of the Index of Industrial Production or IIP numbers announced by the MOSPI on 12 March 2021.

· It was a disappointing month of Jan-21 as IIP growth fell back into negative territory with manufacturing taking a major hit. In fact, industrial production slipped back into contractionary mode as capital goods and consumer goods struggled.

· Now for the numbers. The IIP for Jan-21 stood at -1.6% compared to positive IIP growth of +1.56% for the previous month of Dec-20. However, the good news is that the Dec-20 IIP and the Oct-20 IIP have seen upgraders of 30-50 bps in revised estimates.

· Out of the 10 months in the current financial year till the end of Jan-21, IIP was positive only in 3 months and negative in 7 months in all. The cumulative IIP for the first 10 months of the fiscal stands at -12.2%, slightly better than the December cumulative.

· One reason for this negative turn in IIP growth could be the tapering of the much talked about festival season demand. Also, the rise in COVID-19 cases across India and the re-imposition of lockdown in several cities pose risks to growth outlook.

· Most experts have averred that the IIP performance in January was worse than expected. While some deterioration in the IIP's performance in January 2021 was expected, a sharp contraction had not been bargained for.

· Manufacturing sector, which has a 77% weight in the IIP actually saw activity contract by 2% in Jan-21 compared to 2.1% growth in the previous month. Manufacturing pressure was visible in capital goods and consumer goods in terms of user industry analysis.

· The capital goods sector contracted 9.6% notwithstanding a very low base in January last year. The primary mining sector posted 3.7% contraction in Jan-21 but electricity grew at a better rate of 5.5% giving a lead indicator of pick up in factory operations.

· Out of the 24 sub-sectors covered under the IIP basket, only 6 sectors posted positive growth in Jan-21 with the rest showing negative growth. On a cumulative 10-month basis, all the 24 sectors are showing negative growth on a yoy basis.

· Major growth stories were chemicals at 3.1%, rubber and plastic products at 6.3% and wood products at 6.9%. Contracting sectors included apparel, pharmaceuticals and furniture where the contraction was in deep double digits.

· The MPC is likely to treat weak growth and inflationary pressure in non-food articles as a signal to maintain the accommodative stance of the monetary policy. Of course, a lot will predicate on the actions of the FOMC next week.