InvestorQ : What returns can I get by investing in property?
Neha Sharma made post

What returns can I get by investing in property?

Ankita Patil answered.
3 years ago

Real estate per se is highly subjective and depends on types of returns you aim, it might be rental or capital appreciation. General belief and trend is, post demonetization, the secondary market for commercial properties and big residential tracts is surely down, you hardly see any big deals going through.

At same time primary market vis a vis apartment is on a stagnant note. Commercial and big residential tracts The former one had a cash component of 15 to 40% which have been extinguished post demonetization and benami act, tax sleuths being on the upswing all make this market reluctant buyers and seller market. This is cautious time and seems to remain so till Nov 2017, when it is predicted to go North.

Hoping a festival Bonanza. And increased confidence Apartment This segment is clean these days, especially in metro and coming up of RERA bill makes things go way long happier and easier, provided existing glitches as unavailable websites to upload mandated detail's, certain markets like Karnataka having not ratified bill being rectified.

Recently REIT is also seeing interest among retail investor's which makes this sector liquidity surplus.BUT coming up of GST will definitely make this segment costly by 9% on base.