InvestorQ : what's review on PNB bank ??
Dev Garg made post

what's review on PNB bank ??

Archita Jajjoo answered.
1 year ago

If your question is whether you can invest in the PNB stock at this point of time, there are some important points to consider and keep in mind. before you look to invest in PNB.

Firstly, the asset quality is still issue with gross NPAs still well above the double digital market and even the net NPAs not showing enough traction or signs of coming down.

Capital adequacy is another big challenge as the capital has been substantially eroded with all the write-offs from the bank numbers in the last few quarters.

The banks has some serious corporate governance issues especially the way in which the Nirav Modi fraud took place and how there has been little by way of follow-up or improvement in systems and practices.

There are better choices available in the market in general and the banking sector in particular and there is not specific reason for any investor to specifically opt for PNB.