InvestorQ : What was the idea of Brookfield buying Emami Power?
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What was the idea of Brookfield buying Emami Power?

diksha shah answered.
1 year ago

Brookfield Asset Management of Canada closed a deal to buy out Emami Power. This company represents the solar power interests of the Emami group. Emami has been looking at divesting most of its non-core business assets with a view to reducing the debt burden of the company. Brookfield is positive on solar power segment and alternative assets in India. Emami Power currently has a power generation portfolio of 11 MWp ( mega watt peak) solar power projects in Karnataka, 10 MWp in Gujarat, 3.3 MWp in Tamil Nadu and 22.5 MWp in Uttarakhand. The problems for the Emami group had started after the promoters had pledged shares to invest into newer businesses like cement, paper and real estate. The debt is already down to Rs.2200 crore but Emami wants to move it to zero.