InvestorQ : What will be return of SIP in 10 years?
Aditi Sharma made post

What will be return of SIP in 10 years?

swati Bakhda answered.
3 years ago

SIP for 10 years differs depending on the SIP amount and scheme opted. Return on SIP amount of Rs. 1000 for one scheme will differ from another scheme. Example, If you invest Rs 2000 in Reliance and Rs. 2000 in HDFC Top 200, simultaneously for 10 years then too the returns will differs after 10 years. This is because, both funds have different asset allocation and so the return will differ with same amount of investment.

Also, returns of SIP for 10 years will change for the same scheme also, if SIP route with direct and regular plan. This implies that investment in HDFC top 200- Direct will give different return to investor in comparison to HDFC top 200-Regular, because regular plan will deduct expense ration from the investment and so the return varies.

You can check below SIP calculator link for reference:-