InvestorQ : Where can I get my Form 26AS?
Deepali Khupte made post

Where can I get my Form 26AS?

3 years ago

When you are employed, your employer deducts tax and is supposed to deposit the same with the government. If there is any delay in deposit of tax by your employer or your tax deductor in case of business, that discrepancy will show up in Form 26AS so you can immediately take it up with the concerned person.

You can download your Form 26AS from the TRACES website.

To download your Form-26AS, you can login to your account on the e-filing website, Once logged in, click on 'View 26AS (Tax Credit)' under the 'My Account' tab. The website will redirect you to the TRACES website to download the form.

You should ensure that all the taxes deducted in FY 2018-19 are reflecting against your PAN in Form-26AS. In case of mismatch, you should ask the deductor to rectify the mistake. If the mismatch is not corrected, you won't be able to claim tax-credit for that TDS deduction.