InvestorQ : Which are the best stock market Movies/Documentaries to watch?
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Which are the best stock market Movies/Documentaries to watch?

Abhijit Chokshi answered.
2 years ago

Stock market documentaries are short films that are based on real-life incidents, based on facts of the case. Here’s a list of top documentaries related to the stock market that could be watched:

1.Quants (The Alchemist of Wall Street):

Quants are math wizards and computer programmers in the engine room of our global financial system who designed the financial product that almost crashed Wall Street. This movie clearly describes the effects of greed and fear and the limits of mathematical modeling in the context of stockbroking. This movie is for those who believe in applying a practical approach to the ups and downs of the share market.

2.Rogue Trader: This film was released in 1999, directed and written by James Dearden.

This movie depicts how the desire to earn more money and fear of losing it, blurs the judgment of situations and people. You can learn a lot from this movie as it shows the depth of the emotional aspects of trading.

3.Gafla (2006): Many viewers consider this movie as ahead of its time.

This movie tells the story of Subodh Mehta, that character was based mainly on Harshad Mehta, called the Big bull of Dalal street in the early 1990s. The movie highlights the Harshad Mehta scam which straddled the stock market and banking industry.

4.Margin Call (2011):

This story explains well the efforts made by the doomed bank’s employees as they try to avert the impending collapse. However, those efforts didn’t help much. The story revolves around a large Wall Street investment bank.

5.Boiler room (2000):

This movie is about a college dropout, attempting to live up to his father’s standards. This man gets the job as a broker for a suburban investment firm that puts him on success rapidly. But the job didn’t turned out t be as legitimate as it appeared to be. This movie gives an insight into the operations that are still around in stock markets today.

6.Inside Job- Documentary:

This movie won the Academy Award and is among the best movies made on the financial crisis. High profile interviews and great cinematography made this film a gripping true story. This film explains well what happened leading up to the levels of the financial crisis and the levels of fear and greed.

7.Arbitrage (2012):

This movie does focus on a Hedge Fund Manager trying to cover up his personal misdeeds. The focus is not on hedge fund management but on a scum bag rich guy trying to get out of a crime he committed in typical Hollywood style

8.The Trillion Dollar Bet (2000):

This documentary film revolves around the rise and fall of hedge fund long term capital management in the time period of 1994-1998. This film explains well the financial world and shows how events impact the market in a way that can never be made into any mathematical model.

9.Floored (2009):

This classic captures how the Chicago Board of Options Exchange (CBOE) worked. It has followed alpha male traders who told the facts of CBOE operations.

10.Too big to fail (2011)- Documentary:

This movie explains how the financial system is on the edge and is critical of Wall Street and the governments that are supposed to regulate it.


Ashish Dadhich answered.
2 years ago

Few are good movies in Stock Market

Margin Call
The Big Short
The Wizard of Lies
The Wolf of Wall Street
Wall Street
Rogue Trader
Million Dollar Traders


Tej Shiv answered.
1 year ago

It is Good that you want to want to watch Stock market movie so here is some stock market movies name



this is the best Stock market movies I also watch these movies again and again