InvestorQ : Which Indian Venture Capital fund has the largest asset?
varsha Motwani made post

Which Indian Venture Capital fund has the largest asset?

Ira Shah answered.
2 years ago

It will be very difficult to give you an accurate answer since much of the data for the same is unavailable in the public domain. However, if I were to venture a calibrated guess, I would say its Blume Ventures. Blume Ventures an early stage and seed stage tech-focused venture fund founded by Sanjay Nath and Karthik Reddy in 2010.

The company launched its first micro-VC fund in 2011, becoming the first institutionalized early-stage investor at that time. Some of its notable investments are Dunzo, Unacademy, Instamojo, Procol, HealthAssure, Milkbasket, TaxiForSure, LBB, Cashify. So far, the company has had nearly three other funds, the last one closing at $102 Mn in right before the pandemic hit India.

The VC firm has nearly $225 Mn total capital under management. While Blume Ventures is sector-agnostic in its investments, the firm prefers to invest in companies that have strong technology backing. A lot of the businesses are completely new, with no other equivalent global markets such as the US or China.