InvestorQ : Which is the best mutual fund App in India?
Sadaf Khan made post

Which is the best mutual fund App in India?

Rishita Das answered.
3 years ago
Every app has its own features, functions, and services that may differ on the outside, but inside it would be same. And what is captivating to the eyes and easy to understand is most preferable. People have different preferences and different needs.
If I talk about the above apps, all are amazing, most of them offer almost all the mutual funds. All these apps offer each other tough competition. One app might offer something that the others can't.

And when there's so much it is difficult to choose the odd one out. Why not dig in for the ones that already stand out of them all?. There are apps that actually offers everything, no need to think twice whether it would fulfill my needs or not. One such app, recently drawn my attention is IIFL(India Infoline Finance Limited), this app solely addresses all the financial needs of users, from addressing your financial needs to resolving all your investment queries, on its easy to use interface. Ensuring the highest level of security to protect your valuable information. IIFL also offers opening zero balanced-mat accounts, to try your luck in trading and opening new investment opportunities.

Another app I would definitely give a mention is It has all the salient features, take it as your personal finance assistant, offering great guidance wherever needed. This app provides the highest level of security among all the other apps. It is one of the best apps, I'm not saying it, but "The best digital startup of the year 2018 award" says it all. No matter, how many apps are available, what you think is best for you, should be your go-to option.