InvestorQ : which mutual funds are the best to invest in the right time?
Naresh kumar Behera made post

which mutual funds are the best to invest in the right time?

Ira Shah answered.
2 years ago
Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is a way to invest in volatile assets such as equity or equity-oriented financial instruments. It is a very efficient mechanism to meet various financial goals or accumulate substantial wealth in the long run and therefore should not be seen as a short term arrangement.

Investors must have at least 3-5 years of the horizon for investment in equity or equity-oriented mutual funds schemes. Before I could suggest few names of mutual funds, let me tell you that these funds are selected by the fund managers according to my financial goal and portfolio structure.

Thus they are giving me good returns until the slowdown in the markets caused by the pandemic virus. Please note, one can invest a lump sum amount in debt or conservative schemes.

Thus, investors with higher risk appetite can invest in Kotak Standard Multicap Fund while investors with lower risk appetite can consider ICICI Pru Balanced Advantage Fund.
For reference;
Kotak Standard Multicap Fund(G)11.914.311
ICICI Pru Balanced Advantage Fund(G)10.710.69.1
Returns: As on Jan 1, 2020