InvestorQ : Which online portals are good for filing it returns and is it safe to use?
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Which online portals are good for filing it returns and is it safe to use?

rhea Babu answered.
2 years ago
Taxpayers generally meet with tax consultants to get solutions for all their taxation and other financial queries. However, experts come with a high cost and this is when these online portals come to the rescue.

Income tax departments have enabled intermediaries to file returns on behalf of their clients. This relaxation from the department has enabled the various intermediaries to created online-based tax portals such as ClearTax, Policybazaar, etc.
These intermediaries’ works just like consultants, except that there’s not personal meeting. They will collect documents from the taxpayers such as Form 16, Form 26AS, basic details of the taxpayer, and details of identity such as Aadhar Card, PAN card, etc. and bank details. These sites generally work on an automatic basis, it just reads the data in submitted forms and pre-fills the correct ITR form.

These sites charges from the taxpayers based on the type of income and complexity of its filing, it ranges between Rs 500 to Rs 7000, and sometimes even more. However, if you have very few income sources, it is always advisable to visit the income tax department website and file your return on your own. This is because sharing your confidential and highly important information with an intermediary could be a risk.

Therefore, only those individuals who have multiple income sources and who find it really difficult to file the returns and want to reduce the fees that they pay to a consultant should opt for online filing.

There are several such portals available in the market, however, very few are providing great service such as:
Clear Tax: It is one of the largest and well-known players in the online tax portal domain. They also offer a free self-filing service to users. 

Taxspanner: Its services are similar to that of Cleartax but it is comparatively cost-effective.