InvestorQ : Which personal finance book is better?
Anjali Desai made post

Which personal finance book is better?

1 year ago
I would say, many. There are so many available books in the market on personal finance that will provide you relevant information and help you gain knowledge. When it comes to books, best is based on judgments, and yes of course the content and the language. However, you cannot only refer to books to gain knowledge on personal finance, you could also use websites, youtube videos, podcasts, and personal finance websites that will answer your financial queries.

Here are a few books that you should refer to:

-The Total Money Makeover: This book talks about money management, the approaches suggested by the author are commendable and powerful.

-The Millionaire Next Door: This book is for the younger generation, and uncovers the truth of what it is actually to be a millionaire. The ideas suggested by the book are simple, but life-changing, and powerful.

-Financial Freedom: This book talks about how you can be financially free. For example, how you can quit that job to travel the world, and have resources to live your dreams. A great emphasis on outside-the-box thinking has been made in the book.

-Rich Dad and Poor Dad: This is undoubtedly considered the best personal finance book in which a person portrays his two fathers. Poor father (his father), and rich father (his best friend’s father). The book demonstrates how the two fathers manage their finance and how you do not need money to make money.