InvestorQ : Who are the players that are finally most likely to succeed in the vaccine race for COVID?
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Who are the players that are finally most likely to succeed in the vaccine race for COVID?

Dia Deshpande answered.
2 years ago

The vaccine race is well and truly on with now 3 players or combinations of players in the fray to see who reaches the vaccine first. The real story is about the vaccine. The race is getting tighter with 3 large players getting into the final stages with relatively high success ratios.

For now I shall not talk about the 2 Chinese vaccines and the Russian vaccine, Sputnik. In fact, the Russian Sputnik and the vaccine candidates from China are reportedly making good progress. Even an Indian company, Dr. Reddy Laboratories has partnered with Russia for marketing Sputnik.

However, in terms of testing, Sputnik and Chinese vaccines still do not conform to the traditional definitions of testing and scientific clearances. Western regulators like the USFDA and the EC have objected to the lack of transparency and tightness in the approval process.

It is, therefore better to restrict our analysis only to the 3 players that have submitted to stringent oversight. That includes Pfizer + BionTech and AstraZeneca + Oxford Research as well as Moderna as the vaccine frontrunners. All the three players have exhibited more than 93% success ratio in their clinical tests.

In these cases, the first 2 Phases of pre-clinical and clinical trials have been successful and also satisfied the regulators. They are currently in Phase-3 and during this stage the sample size is progressively increased so as to submit the formula to a stress test. This is the last and most practical step before approval.

Unlike what some may believe, the actual vaccine may still be 8-9 months away if all goes well from here on. Now, the test results will be submitted to the EC and USFDA for final approval. Going ahead, it will also depend on how quickly the manufacturing can be scaled up and how quickly it can be administered to the millions.