InvestorQ : Who are the winner & losers in India’s federal Budget2020?
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Who are the winner & losers in India’s federal Budget2020?

nishi Shah answered.
3 years ago

Let’s discuss who won and who terribly lost in this budget:

Transport Infrastructure: The FM proposed 1.7 trillion rupees ($23.7 billion) for transport infrastructure that includes the accelerated development of highways and plans to monetize 12 lots of highway bundles.State-Run Banks: The government hasn’t made any announcement regarding the infusion of fresh capital into Public Sector Banks (PSBs). All the major banks shall stand impacted.
Electronics manufacturing: Government plans to encourage the manufacture of mobile phones, electronic drivers, etc shall be positive for big companies.Insurance: The government’s decision to sell its stake in LIC, would leave a negative impact on private insurers. Right after the announcement, the shares of major players fell off.
Water: Major announcement to help water-distressed districts.Fertilizer Companies: The FM announced the use of more organic fertilizers in the future and focused on promoting them.
Rural: The farm and rural sectors were allocated 2.83 trillion rupees, while the agriculture credit target for next year is set at 15 trillion rupees.Logistics Companies: the Auto sector has been completely ignored by the government under this budget, which will have a negative impact on the sector.
Telecoms: The government has announced the development of Broadband networks in several villages.Real Estate and construction No specific announcement has been made in this regard.
IT Firms: Announced a policy to build data-centered parks.
Online Educators: The FM announced to allocate the education sector 993 billion rupees.
Pipeline and City Gas Suppliers: The FM has announced to expand its national gas grid to 27000 km from the present 16200 km.