InvestorQ : who can I invest in index fund of nifty
Ankit made post

who can I invest in index fund of nifty

Aswini Chikkodi answered.
3 years ago
Ankit, Index Funds are investment portfolio of mutual funds. The funds here are invested in securities that match or track the Index.
Index to which it will track can be BSE Sensex, NSE Nifty, or S&P500, etc. As the Index funds track Index, the movement and return is similar to the Index. 
You can easily get your bank account linked to the fund or scheme you choose for SIP( provided if you have completed the KYC requirements). Through the ECS system, funds will be deducted periodically from your bank account.
Apart from the above option, you can invest it directly through AMFI website, fund managers, and demat account.

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