InvestorQ : Why are companies like Infosys unhappy with moonlighting by employees?
Debbie Mascarenhas made post

Why are companies like Infosys unhappy with moonlighting by employees?

Arti Chavan answered.
2 weeks ago

If you not heard of moonlighting you are missing out on the biggest recent trend in the IT industry. It is basically about an employee taking up temporary gigs with other IT companies even as they continue to be on the rolls of an existing company. Not surprisingly, Infosys has a problem as any company would be scandalized with such a prospect. However, moonlighting took roots in the IT industry during the pandemic when the companies could exercise less control over how the employees utilized their working timings. Not it is back.

Among the leading IT companies in India, you can say that Infosys has taken the lead and written a sort of warning mail to all its employees of the risks of taking up dual employment. In plain words, Infosys has said that moonlighting was just another name for two-timing their employers and that it was expressly prohibited under the extant employee rules. Infosys underlined that these activities were in contravention of the employee code of conduct. It could invite disciplinary action, even leading up to termination of the person.

To be fair, Infosys has legitimate concerns. Infosys has only formalized the concern which even the likes of Rishad Premji had earlier termed as unethical. Infosys has come out and openly warn employees against such practices. Here is why Infosys is unhappy. Salaries in the IT industry have gone through the roof in last 3 quarters, putting pressure on OPMs. Still attrition is high and moonlighting is an added risk. It has risks like data security, ensuring full commitment of employees, focus on the job etc. It is a valid ground for action by IT players.