InvestorQ : Why are we seeing a slump on the markets for the last 10 days?
Tushar Jambhekar made post

Why are we seeing a slump on the markets for the last 10 days?

ramya Bhaskaran answered.
2 years ago
The Sensex closed with a loss of 146 points at 35,352 on Feb 19, Tuesday which was the ninth day of straight loss for BSE Sensex. This was its longest in eight years. This slump in the market was due to various reason and mixed sentiment in the economy. As general election is ahead plus with Pulwama terror attack, tension between India and Pakistan kept rising as Government action was still unclear. This uncertainty in the atmosphere led most people to book profit by selling the stock as a cautious move. Tuesday’s Oil price was as high of almost $67 a barrel as OPEC-led the supply cuts. Global aspect like US-China trade talks added fuel to the sparkling tension in the market. However, interim dividend from RBI to government and clarity on YES Bank releasing nil divergence report was something that gave a positivity in the upward movement.
Indices is just an indicator of market sentiment and so any news that affects any specific business or market has a direct impact on Sensex or Nifty.