InvestorQ : Why did India not vote against the Russian aggression in Ukraine?
Lavanya Subramanian made post

Why did India not vote against the Russian aggression in Ukraine?

Anamika Sodhani answered.
1 year ago

Let me clarify that India did not vote for or against the motion at the UN Security Council. On the contrary, India abstained from voting. In a way, Russia has a veto and they were going to exercise the veto. Hence, either ways, the vote would not have made a difference. This was after the developed nations like the US, UK, Canada and Australia moved a special resolution in the UNSC against the Russian aggression and calling for retracting immediately.

It was not just India, but on the UNSC condemnation of Russian actions in Ukraine; India, China and the UAE abstained. Ironically, the real outcome of the UNSC vote was never in doubt since Russia has veto power and was eventually vetoed by Russia. India’s stand on the issue came in for criticism since it had abstained despite requests from Ukraine. However, if you scratch the surface, the Indian stand on the issue if quite rational. Here is why.

The reason for India abstaining was that the West did not give diplomacy with Russia a chance. It is also a statement on Western double standards. The US has no compunction about expanding NATO against the spirit the 1991 agreement with Russia. Now they condemn Russia for taking defensive action. Also, diplomatically, India is correct in that it is Russia that has stood by Indian on most of the tough occasions and India had to stand up.