InvestorQ : Why has Adani Wilmar slashed the prices of edible oils?
Anjana Aiyar made post

Why has Adani Wilmar slashed the prices of edible oils?

Khushi Patel answered.
2 weeks ago

Adani Wilmar slashed the prices of its edible oils by Rs10 after the government opted to reduce import duties on edible oils to reduce domestic costs. For instance, the Fortune refined Sunflower oil's 1-litre pack was cut from Rs220 per litre to Rs210 per litre. Even the prices of Fortune Soyabean and Fortune Kachi Ghani (mustard oil) 1-litre packs were cut from Rs205 to Rs 195.This reduction in oil prices was undertaken by these companies in the wake of the central government reducing the import duties on edible oils.

The costs have gone up sharply in the last few months as international and domestic prices of edible oils surged during 2021-22. This was largely on account of lower production of oilseeds and higher manufacturing and logistics costs. However, there is not much of an impact on the prices of other products like rice, atta, sugar, besan, ready-to-cook khichdi, soya chunks and others.