InvestorQ : Why has Flipkart acquired health portal,
Tisha Malhotra made post

Why has Flipkart acquired health portal,

Aashna Tripathi answered.
10 months ago

Flipkart Health, the healthcare unit of Flipkart group, will acquire a majority stake in The target company is an online pharmacy and digital health platform, although the deal size was not disclosed. Post the merger, Flipkart will start also offering e-pharmacy services and add healthcare verticals like e-diagnostics and e-consultation on its palate, which have become big opportunities in the post-COVID scenario. had indicative valuations of $125 million based on the last round of funding that it had raised from Mitsubishi Corporation in November 2019. currently offers a digital healthcare and pharmacy platform with a wide network of 490 pharmacies under its banner. With focus on health heightened by the pandemic, there is a huge opportunity and demand for affordable healthcare and Flipkart is the perfect platform.