InvestorQ : Why has Wipro retrenched 300 of its employees?
Deepa Salunkhe made post

Why has Wipro retrenched 300 of its employees?

Arya Nanda answered.
5 days ago

This was an announcement made by Rishad Premji during one of his recent talks. He had mentioned that Wipro had terminated 300 employees from the rolls of Wipro who were found to secretively working for competitors too. Of course, the IT industry prefers to euphemistically call it moonlighting, but as Rishad right says, it is nothing but cheating your employer who pays you a fixed salary and violating basic ethics and integrity.

This is likely to stir up a controversy, especially after Infosys issued a similar warning message to employees. Wipro wanted to set a stern example. Rishad Premji highlighted that violation of integrity would not be tolerated, by whatever name it is called. Moonlighting was a by-product of work from home (WFH), but it clearly raises issues of employee integrity, loyalty and data secrecy in projects. The onus is on the employees now.