InvestorQ : Why is Macrotech raising Rs.4,000 crore for?
Aashna Tripathi made post

Why is Macrotech raising Rs.4,000 crore for?

Aditi Sharma answered.
2 years ago

Macrotech (formerly known as Lodha Developers) will be doing a QIP of Rs.4,000 core via share sale to qualified institutional buyers. This is likely to result in diluting equity by 7.5%. The base price for the QIP has been set at Rs.1,184.70 per share.

It may be recollected that Macrotech had gone public in April 2021 and the stock has more than doubled despite a lukewarm response to the IPO. In terms of future plans, Macrotech plans to become a zero-debt company. In terms of customer focus, it will focus on middle-income, affordable housing as well as on the lucrative industrial and logistics segment.