InvestorQ : Why is Paytm going on a major hiring driven in India?
vidhya Laxmi made post

Why is Paytm going on a major hiring driven in India?

sarah Leo answered.
2 years ago

Paytm announced that it is in the process of hiring 1000 people across various roles over the next few months. It plans to expand operations with special focus on segments like financial and wealth management services. Most of the recruits will be engineers and data scientists.

Paytm has recently forayed into allied activities like lending, insurance, wealth management and offline payments. This has created the need to bring in more tech and non-tech related employees. Paytm expects financial services to be the next engine of growth.

In the last four months, Paytm has already hired close to 700 employees and is one of the few companies that is expanding and recruiting even in these tough market conditions. It had been conducting interviews and mock sessions even in the lockdown.

Paytm had recently set up its largest campus in Noida to accommodate its expanding team. The 5000-seater office has total usable office space of 5.5 lakh square feet. During the year, Paytm is aggressively looking to add to various business verticals.