InvestorQ : Why is TCS planning huge recruitments in the United States?
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Why is TCS planning huge recruitments in the United States?

7 months ago

Here is what you must know about the plans laid out by TCS to substantially increase its recruitments in the US.

· Tata Consultancy Services or TCS has announced a grand plan to recruit as many as 10,000 employees locally in the US by 2022. This is to meet the rising demand.

· It may be recollected that TCS has already hired close to 22,000 employees in the US in the last 5 years, both as a strategic move and also as a politically palatable move.

· With increased tech spending globally and the rising demand for its services, TCS has emerged as the second largest IT recruited in the US. Essentially, TCS has been looking at employees with strong digital skills.

· In its latest plan to expand the US franchise, TCS will recruit another 10,000 individuals in the US by 2022. This is also in line with Trump’s thinking on keeping US jobs for Americans.

· It is not just in the US but even other countries have been tightening their work visa regimes and giving preference to locals. This has led to large companies like TCS and Infosys changing tack and focusing more on recruiting locally. TCS already has over 147 nationalities in its work force.

· In its latest results announced on 07 October, TCS saw its US revenues grow by 3.6% to $2.7 billion and even today the US accounts for over 50% of the TCS business portfolio. This makes it critical that TCS keeps the policymakers in the US happy.

· TCS has recently also invested in its TCS Pace co-innovation centre at the Cornell Tech campus in New York. TCS also plans to launch a similar Pace Port in the reputed Carnegie Mellon University also; and perhaps then expand the footprint further.

· One added benefit of this approach has been that TCS has seen enhancement of its brand value in the US which is help TCS become the preferred partner for leading US corporations in their growth journeys; especially for their digital needs.