InvestorQ : Why people are running more towards investments like NPS?
Ira Shah made post

Why people are running more towards investments like NPS?

2 years ago
As per the latest data available from PFRDA, there have been about 1.03 lakh individual subscriptions and 206 corporate enrollments to the NPS during the April-June quarter. Out of the said 1.03 lakh, 43000 subscriptions were routed through employers/corporates and rest is voluntary enrolments.

This has happened even during the pandemic because people became more aware of financial security especially at the time of a financial crisis and apparently we faced one. Both the individuals and companies have realized the fact that financial planning is not just for the sake of keeping aside money for retirement or just savings but it also develops a sense of security, makes the investor financially sound and prepares them for the times which could be a real nightmare in their lives.

Now the question arises, why NPS?

Well, it is not just NPS, people are choosing other investment options, however, NPS is most preferred in times like this. NPS is a great investment option and is providing comparatively better returns than other available options in the market. Those who do not wish to take risks, find this as a great investment alternative, and in times like this people are little scared to notch for any risk. So, they are choosing NPS over other investments. So far, more than 90.60 lakh employees are enrolled under NPS, out of which 22.60 subscribers are from the private sector.