InvestorQ : Why Reliance buying a stake in Glance InMobi?
Chandralekha Desai made post

Why Reliance buying a stake in Glance InMobi?

NISHA Nayak answered.
2 years ago

Reliance Industries is currently in talks to buy a stake in content curating company, Glance InMobi. Incidentally, Reliance’s strategic partner Google already has a stake in InMobi. InMobi is a mobile content provider which largely focuses on the lock-screen property in mobile phones to push curated content. Reliance plans to invest close to $300 million in the Glance InMobi, where it sees a strategic fit with its forthcoming JioNext launch.

As stated earlier, Glance InMobi pushes curated news and entertainment content, including short video content, to mobile phone lock screens. This is a high value property with a huge recall value and visibility. This will give Reliance ready access to the lock-screen property for the proposed JioNext smart phone which is slated to be launched this Diwali. The launch of the smart phone had been delayed due to the global shortage of microchips.