InvestorQ : Why solar farms are a good investment option in Rajasthan?
Swapnil Sarang made post

Why solar farms are a good investment option in Rajasthan?

Manish Mehta answered.
1 year ago
The state govt. in Rajasthan has announced many reforms focused on boosting sustainable energy in Rajasthan. One of the reforms makes provisions for farmers to sell power to DISCOMS and monetize their fallow lands. Farmers of Rajasthan, who own uncultivable land or such land that cannot be used for farming, will be allowed to use their holding for setting up solar power plants and solar farms without the requirement of land conversion. Such farmers would now be permitted to sub-let their holdings for setting up solar power projects where the provisions of the state’s Tenancy Act and Land Revenue Act will not be hindrances.
Though it’s not clear from your question whether you want to set up a solar farm or invest in one, it makes sense to invest in them especially in Rajasthan. It is currently home to the development of the world’s largest Solar Park in Bhadla and has aligned solar projects that account for a total of 1,592 MW. Aside from, the positive environmental impact, going solar today is more affordable than it has ever been. Particularly in Rajasthan, solar tariffs have come down to an all-time low of Rs 2.44 per unit. With improving technology, the cost of shifting to solar power has come down and will continue down the same path in the near future.