InvestorQ : Why Sun Pharma price is falling?
Riya Dwivedi made post

Why Sun Pharma price is falling?

Isha Tharwani answered.
2 years ago

Sun Pharma stock price is going down due to the whistleblower email that claims Sun Pharma promoter Dilip Shanghvi and his brother-in-law Sudhir Valia has engaged in financial irregularities stock market scam accused Dharmesh Doshi. Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) Chairman Ajay Tyagi told that they are examining whistleblower complaint against Sun Pharma. There is quite a high chances that SEBI may reopen insider trading case against Sun Pharma and other entities involved in the complaint.

Post the whistleblower incident, shareholders have lost security in the company’s doing as they are uncertain about corporate governance of the company owing to insider trading allegation. However, on 24 Jan 2019 the stock saw a up-movement for a day again, but again price started to fall today. All this fluctuation in prices is due to ambiguity in company’s governance.